Tech Brews: Trending IT Topics

Trending IT Topics

"The Cloud"     "Internet of Things"     "Big Data"     "Machine Learning"

Technology buzzwords have made many IT departments sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown.  Those responsible for growing your company, both in and out of the IT department, know the need to keep current with IT trends, but may have difficulty finding the time or patience to sort through the glut for practical, easy-to-comprehend content.

That's why TNT president Jeff Gaura has started an informal, educational series on trending IT topics that are important to your business.  Jeff is a passionate educator, who is truly in his element researching and learning complex concepts in order to teach them to others in an accessible and relatable way.

Each free session consists of:

  • Networking over drinks and appetizers
  • A brief talk about the current topic
  • Questions and Answers

Learn more about each session, and register by clicking on the links below.


Thursday, March 2, 2017 Tech Brews: Cyber Security Workshop

Ransomware has cost US small businesses upwards of $75 billion dollars in downtime in 2016. And end users, AKA you're employees, are being tricked more frequently with opening the doors to the hackers.  Join us, Thursday, March 2 from 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM at Dreamchasers Brewery in Waxhaw, NC for a workshop-style discussion on cyber security.

The Network Team