Cloud Security and Network Security Management

Network security management  is top of mind and top of priority...but only to those who've have been compromised.

Perhaps you know who they are. Every day, the pages of newspapers and online news feeds display stories of people who thought they were safe but weren't. The IRS and the Marine Corps lead the way in showing that government isn't immune from security hacks. Professional sports teams, health care, legal firms, etc, have all been hacked.

But did you know that the most likely company to have their security breached in the small to mid size business that lacks dedicated security professionals?

The Network Team offers several types of cloud-based security offerings to keep your technology protected. TNT has 5 recommendations for businesses of all sizes, that will protect them from all but the most sophisticated of hacks. All of these services have a one-time setup fee and a monthly recurring fee for services.

Our current Network security management services include:

  • Endpoint protection software (anti-virus, anti-malware)
  • Anti-spam email scanning
  • Desktop security and patch management, via our total desktop care product
  • Server security and patch management, via our total server care product
  • Virus mitigation, via our total desktop care and total server care
  • Log management and threat heuristics.

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