Managed IT Services Relieve Frustrations at Monroe, NC Non-Profit

Managed IT Services Monroe, NC
“The best way to explain TNT and their work is that they exceed expectations…in ability, intelligence, dedication, customer care, responsiveness, etc.” Ashely Lantz, Turning Point Executive Director of TNT's managed IT services Turning Point is a non-profit based in Monroe, NC that aims to end domestic and sexual assault.  Executive director Ashley Lantz approached The Read More

Could a Whistle Disable Your Cell Phone?

Disable your cell phone
“Let’s hack and disable your cell phone.  Start whistling in three, two, one, GO!” Researchers at the University of Michigan and University of South Carolina claim to have discovered that music could be used to disable or, to a certain extent, even control some IoT devices.  The researchers say they were able, through sound waves, Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Moving Servers to the Cloud

5 Considerations before moving servers to the cloud
There are several things to consider before moving your servers to the cloud.  Without question, you have used servers in the cloud.  Remember online banking that you started using a decade ago?  Those were servers, made available to you “in the cloud.”  Sure, those who made that service available to you had no idea how Read More

Data Security and Your Customers’ Information

Data Security
Businesses are on the hook for customer information and data security, and we are not talking about credit cards. In a recent court hearing, the Federal Trade Commission cited a company lacked “even basic precautions to protect the sensitive consumer information maintained on its computer system."   It appears that actual harm from a data Read More

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