Network Security Tips for Small Businesses

Network Security Tips
43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.  Cyber criminals know that most small businesses can’t afford or don’t allocate resources for the level of protection of larger enterprises.  For the criminals, it’s easier to infiltrate tens of thousands of small businesses with less security than to try to breach the sophisticated defenses of the large Read More

Cyber Security Predictions for 2017

2016 was the year of extortion, as ransomware was king, and a major challenge to cyber security.  Use of ransomware code jumped 400% between January and September. We are already into February, and trends are already being reported by the big-name vendors, like Trend Micro.  Ransomware is expected to go up by another 25%.  Business Read More

2017 Technology Trends

2017 Technology Trends
As president, I am often indirectly asked to talk about the direction of IT/2017 technology trends….like I have insight into something that you don’t. Sometimes, I do have insight, not because of my title, but we because and I read and talk to leaders in the IT leadership community.  Some trends that will continue to Read More

TNT: Network IT Consultants, Educators, Teammates

IT Support
As a team of professional network IT Consultants, TNT does a great job at education  It is perhaps the single greatest value we bring into the marketplace.  Over this last year, I enjoyed some wonderful teaching moments though speaking engagements both in small groups and large rooms, and online classroom tools like WebEx. We asked Read More