Integrated Technology: Your Mechanic May Become an IT Expert

Integrated Technology
If you watch any TV at all (and I do during football season!), you probably are seeing a pattern within the automotive industry.  Manufacturers are attempting to differentiate themselves by showcasing the integrated technology integrated in their products. We hear phrases and marketese that sounds like this: built in Wi-Fi smartphone aware cars stickers on Read More

TNT Celebrates Gratefulness and Employees at Christmas Party

Christmas Party
The Network Team celebrated our Christmas party December 7th.  Employees enjoy the annual gathering, as it gives a chance for us, who all work remotely, to come together and fellowship as well as enjoy each other’s company as well as the wonderful hospitality of TNT owner Linda Gaura.  The party always includes a time for Read More

Networking Security Lessons Learned from a Planned Walmart Heist

Networking Security
The Department of Homeland Security says Cyber crime is the biggest threat to the American Economy.  Networking Security can help keep your network safe. A burglar alarm on your building tells you in real time if and when someone is trying to break into your business.  And a security officer can help stop the attack while Read More

Testing Technology in Education

technology in education
Schools are supposed to be where the future generation prepares for the tasks ahead of them.  If that is true, why are 70% of all tests still administered with paper, especially with so much technology in education? As a society, do we expect the next generation to take tests and assessments using paper and pen? Read More