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TNT Public Sector Success Stories

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by webadmin No Comments

Public Sector entities face unique budgetary and security challenges.  The Network Team has deep expertise working with the Public Sector, especially public schools, and public libraries, and community colleges.

TNT specializes in several IT solutions that can greatly benefit Public Sector Entities across North Carolina.

NC-Based Support

  • Our staff are NC local and 100% are trained and certified in products from the industry’s top vendors.
  • All our staff are TNT employees, not contractors who will ‘get to your issue when they get to it.”
  • US-based help-desk technicians

One-Stop Shopping for all Your Hardware, Software, and On-Going Service needs

  • We are a Premier partner with Cisco for networking, voice, security and wireless.
  • We are an Enterprise Partner with HP for servers, storage and networking.
  • We are a Gold Communications Partner with Microsoft.
  • We can handle the design, installation and maintenance of many of your projects.

High Service Levels

  • TNT can provide 24x7x365 monitoring of your department’s critical equipment, to keep your IT staff working on other, more important tasks that will increase the value of the service you offer to the community.
  • HUB Certified: The Network Team is certified as a Historically Underutilized Business, both female and minority owned.

Here’s a look at just a few of our success stories:

Graham Co Jail

Inmate management continues to evolve, and remote access to surveillance equipment, even from personal cell phones, facilitates greater security and a safer community.  Graham County concluded that the incremental cost of a few additional cameras and management software would allow them greater flexibility in watching events of significance, as well as offered a better method for recording than the current system.

Robeson County Sheriff’s Department

Robeson is NC’s largest county.  The cost of support was large, as technicians may spend half a day travelling to one side of the county and back, just to work on a device.  By virtualizing the desktop experience, all endpoint devices are disposable, and a new one can be placed into service in a matter of minutes without intervention from the IT department. Down-time is at all-time low, as are costs.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is the 9th largest library system in America with 20 locations.  The Network Team designed, installed and maintains both their data and voice networks, providing on-going support.  TNT also helps with security policy.



Server and Storage Success Stories

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by webadmin No Comments

Network virtualization is no longer really a question of ‘if’, but ‘when.’  Virtualization has been a growing trend in IT for years.  But experts see it becoming a trend in the data storage industry as well this year.

Virtualization helps companies increase efficiency and lower their total cost of ownership.  The Network Team has helped several companies with virtualization solutions. An effective virtualization solution starts with strong storage and servers.  TNT recommends HP servers and storage for all of our customers, regardless of size. Our engineers are highly experienced and certified in HP products, offering you skills that your internal staff won''t have, without the expense of having to hire them.

Below is a look at how we have used HP storage and server solutions to help two of our clients.

O’Mara Inc. is a family-owned textile company with over 200 employees in two states. Their business problem was their storage consisted of many physical devices taking up space in their main offices.  The Network Team used the power of HP Storage to consolidate storage into a server and SAN combination, allowing O’Mara to virtualize.  We used a Hyper V Cluster using HP servers and Citrix virtual desktops.  This freed up physical space for O’Mara and made storage management easier.

The Network Team also worked with a North Carolina county that was, to put it bluntly, a bit of a mess (as many enterprises are today).  They had hundreds of employees who were using operating systems that ranged from Windows XP through Windows 8, and everything in between.  The hardware ranged from brand new to nearly a decade old PC’s.  Anytime an issue would come up, the first thing IT had to do was figure out what system/hardware the employee was using.

The Network Team again went with an HP server and storage solution for a virtual desktop deployment.  This increased productivity by allowing employees to work from home.  IT also saved the county up to $6,000 a year they had been spending replacing and upgrading PC’s.

The Network Team has many more success stories of saving customers time, money and headaches with smart, scalable virtualization solutions.  Call us at 980-263-2865 or email us to find out how we can help you.

TNT Reaches Silver Networking Specialist with HP

Posted on: August 6th, 2014 by webadmin No Comments

The Network Team is proud to announce it has reached Silver Networking Specialist Designation with HP. This is part of the HP PartnerOne Program. The PartnerOne Program gives TNT additional resources to support our customers. It also gives us access to exclusive training opportunities to keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Our engineers can take that training, and offer our customers specializations you will not find in our competitors.
According to HP, “Specialist partners, like [TNT] are strategic to HP, as you provide the skills and expertise that add value to HP products and solutions.”

Our certification gives us access to demo equipment, accelerators, and promotions to help us offer our customers the best technology solutions at the best prices.

TNT has chosen to partner with HP because it has the greatest breadth of feature-rich hardware solutions. TNT has full support from HP to offer you best-of-breed solutions to keep up with today’s rapidly changing IT world.

The Network Team engineers have deep experience with HP products and can be your trusted advisor for hardware solutions.

Contact The Network Team to find out how we can bring this additional expertise to you. Call 980-263-2850 today to get a free 2 hour network assessment.

Big Data: What does the government really know about me?

Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by Jeff Gaura No Comments

Big Data and its impact on us all, as shown by this photo of the library of congress.What does the government really know about me?  Back in the day, America was thoughtful when it saw pictures like this of government workers, filing information.  The unspoken conclusion was “we don’t know what is there in storage, but certainly some of it is about me…”

That position remains.  What is different, though, is the source.  In the past, data that concerned us was created by others.  Now, it is data that we create, put in the hands of people whom we didn’t expect to get it.

For example, here are examples of Big Data that we have made that may be floating around that we wished weren’t.

1)      Resumes from days when we perhaps exaggerated our skills and experience

2)      Pictures of us doing things we regret

3)      Images of us with our old loves, whether they be people, places or things

4)      Stories and suggestions meant to impress, not convey the truth

5)      Old paystubs, tax returns and proposals, sent from email accounts that no longer exist

Come learn more about the ramifications of these choices and how to address some of the issues created.  Most of all, come to learn how to prevent them from happening again.

We have an event coming up where I talk about Big Data and how we can help you address this.

The Network Team