Linda Gaura – Finance

Linda is majority owner of TNT and has been since 2011. Linda handles all aspects of banking and finance, and also enjoys discovering innovative business strategies and interesting new people and opportunities for TNT.

Linda comes from strong business background. Her father, Manuel Gaetan, was a CEO of a multi-national textile firm during the golden years of textiles and has many titles and accolades to his name. He is an influential and highly successful migrant from Puerto Rico.

Linda has 10+ years working in banking and has supervised a staff of nearly 30 loan processors. Linda was also the owner of PNC Log Homes, a log home distribution company, selling log kits and solar technology to the niche of the general public interested in alternative living in houses made of all wood. Her home projects have been featured in multiple magazines and trade publications.

Linda is a tremendous and inspiring public speaker. She works with the Core Compassion Project, a non-profit that works to create awareness and funds for women recovering from breast cancer and in need of Pilates therapy.

Linda and her husband Jeff live in a log home in Union County with their children. She enjoys exercise, nutrition, and gardening.

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