Cloud Based Phone System

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What is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a complete, feature-rich phone system hosted in the cloud.

It offers simplified management and fixed-price, predictable billing for business owners.

Meanwhile, employees get a phone and easy-to-use software allowing them to make calls on any device.

Business Benefits of Cloud-based business phone system

Cost Savings with VoIP

Small businesses see an average cost savings of 40% on local calls when they switch to cloud-based phone systems.

Rich Features and Upgrades

Free updates and upgrades are included in your Managed Service plan, so your employees always have the best, most secure features.

Unlimited Long Distance

With TNT VoIP, you get unlimited long distance, unlimited lines, and unlimited inbound and outbound calls.

Highly Trained Experts

TNT's VoIP solutions include a Phone, Bluetooth Headset, as well as Service and Support for your end users.

Relationships between employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners are all based on good communications.  Having a system that is expensive or complicated to maintain may be holding your company back.  As the business world changes, you need to as well.

We use the power of the cloud to deliver business phone service over your existing internet connection. Since there are no physical phone lines to maintain and all calls go through the internet, costs for business phone services can be reduced significantly.

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