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Network Security, Data Security, Hacking and Ransomware are dominating the news.  Even the Department of Homeland Security says, "our daily life, economic vitality, and national security depend on a stable, safe, and resilient cyberspace." The amount of information about cybersecurity can be overwhelming.

Businesses genuinely want to keep their company and customer information as safe from hackers and cyber criminals.  But with the increasing frequency and sophistication of attacks, sorting out the best path to protection can leave you with analysis paralysis.

The Network Team has gathered a variety of resources on network security to help you learn about the risk to your company data, and what steps you can take to shore up protection.

Look inside the tactics hackers are using to compromise data

Anatomy of an attack video preview

Anatomy of an Attack

Get an in-depth look at just how easy it is for cybercriminals to gather the information they need to take down your network.

Jeff WBTV Video Preview

Cybersecurity Interview

TNT president Jeff Gaura spoke with WBTV News after the recent Mecklenburg County hack.

IOT Attack Video Preview

IoT Attack

As more and more devices are connected to your network, it only opens more doors for attackers to get in.

Cloud Security Attack

Just how safe is The Cloud? This video takes a creative look at how criminals are hacking it, and how your business may be at risk.

Security Weakspots

Network security is way more involved than changing passwords every 40 days.  Which of these holes do you have at your company?

Cyber Security Basics

Jeff Gaura shares practical, informative basics of cyber security with David Frankel on the Wake Up Call Radio TV Broadcast.

Ransomware: A growing threat to your business

Hackers targeting small businesses

When cyber attacks at large organizations like Equifax, Target, and Hollywood Hospital grab headlines, small businesses may think they aren't as likely to be targeted by hackers.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Often small businesses are more at risk because they lack the resources for sophisticated security like larger enterprises.  In fact, in the Target attack referenced above, it was through a smaller business that the criminals got into Target's network.

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Latest Security Blogs

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4 Steps to Reduce Network Issues

People generally think that they are taking care of their stuff.   We box it, shelf it, use it, save the owner’s manual, and put it in a place so we know where it is at, if we need it. The networks that we run our businesses on are no different than our weed eaters or Read More

Discaster Recovery Preparations for all Businesses

As Hurricane Florence moves through the Carolinas, it’s a good reminder to businesses everywhere of the need to be prepared in case of possible disasters that could hit your workplace. There are several basic things every business can and should to help with disaster recovery and in order to ensure you are ready and able Read More

What is a Modern Hacker?

If you hear the term ‘hacker’ and this is what you picture: Your definition is as outdated as many business’s cybersecurity. Hacking has evolved far beyond the teen in his basement image from movies and popular culture. It’s no longer one guy furiously typing with multiple monitors flashing numbers and letters.  It’s just not that Read More

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