Microsoft System Center

Microsoft System Center 2012 is the only platform to offer comprehensive management of applications, services, physical resources, hypervisors, software defined networks, configuration, and automation in a single offering.

Microsoft System Center 2012 allows you to spot and fix problems deep inside your apps.  You can seamlessly shift between the private and public cloud, with scalability and common management to meet the unique needs of your business.  With a Microsoft private cloud solution, you can increase your virtual machine density without increasing costs.  You can expand your capacity as your business needs grow and evolve in the future without paying more.

Prior to becoming a Microsoft System Center shop, TNT partnered with VMWare for virtualization technologies.  Because of the improvements in System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012, TNT no longer needs nor recommends VMWare technologies to our customers.

Benefits of System Center 2012 include:

  • Improved productivity for users from anywhere, on whatever device they choose
  • Unified infrastructure for client management and protection
  • Faster and easier administration of client systems and system compliance maintenance
  • Integration with Windows Intune to manage PCs and mobile devices, both from the cloud and on-premise, from a single administrative console.
  • Delivery of predictable application service levels with 360-degree monitoring, deep insight, and integrated developer operations.
  • Network flexibility with Hyper-V Network Virtualization
  • Microsoft is moving its Intune product and other products to System Center, increasing the importance of System Center ever increasing.  Just as users have more and more apps and capabilities with each generation of smartphone, so it also is with System Center.  Third party tools to manage other aspects of virtualization are no longer necessary with System Center.

The Network Team