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Ongoing Support

Our most desired offering, The Network Team's ongoing IT support and network engineering give you and your designates priority access directly to your primary and backup engineers. This access comes after you purchase pre-paid service blocks. These hours can be used for any level of IT support service, and they do not expire. If they are not used, they remain in our bank, for future use. Nearly all TNT customers maintain a block of hours for support and engineering services. Priority IT support from our in-house engineers is not available to time and materials customers, regardless of circumstance.IT Support

Service blocks are sold in increments as low as 10 hours and as high as 500 hours, with rates based on the amount of time purchased. Service blocks are initially used for projects that modernize your IT. After a first experience with TNT engineers, our customers fall in love with this option and service blocks become tools to address ongoing service issues, upgrades, migrations and outages for a combination of Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and HP product issues. Service blocks often represent the first exposure many companies take when meeting and getting to know TNT, and they represent our greatest success stories. While our competition focuses on single vendor offerings, claiming great expertise, TNT engineers make themselves available across technologies. Customers get a one-stop solution for support.

In the event of a network outage that impacts 80% or more of your users, restitution of your network or your servers becomes our top priority. The agreement we both sign specifies a 2-hour service level agreement in which to respond, with an average response of 10 minutes. A positive balance with the service block is required to receive this level of support. Since our blocks of time never expire and can be used for any engineering resource that you may a need, you should not fear purchasing a service block and not using it. It can be used for: voice, networking, server support or security response. A service block is like having a team of highly skilled IT staff ready to handle your issues, without having to pay for their idle time.

We generate and deliver monthly reports to contacts at our customers, so they can see what we have been doing and what issues we have been addressing.

One of the first steps in ongoing support includes a network assessment.

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